‘Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.‚

-John Woods


this is my website where I put my useless projects,
I hope you enjoy them.

Here you can find lots o' games and remakes!
I work hard on each individual project
to ensure maximum quality.

Windows ME

This is one of my biggest projects yet,
I spent 3 days minimum working total.

I've finished most of the remake
so my only worry is it not being fun.


Most applications taken from 98.js.org

Specifically: Isiah Odhner (Paint & Notepad),
Jon Ziebell (Minesweeper),
and Radovan Janjic? (Solitare)


A work in progress remake of classic MsDOS.

Very good actually...
no words.

Example Website

I decided to try making a website using
MS Word 2013 (WordTeX) & MS Powerpoint 2013.

“WordTeX, a WYSIPCTWOTCG Typesetting tool.„
„And if you try really hard, quotation marks that go the wrong way.„