Cool websites

Cool websites

‘Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.’

-Martin Fowler


This is THE best website i've seen so far.

Very Nostailgic. 95/100

[This was way too hard to gif.]

Benji Nate

Amazing, and nice background.

Quite cute. 82/100

Distant Skies

Has a very SMB3 feel.

Quite nice. 87/100


Awesome vintage style combo
with 3d effects.

Quite cool! 91/100


This is THE best website in terms of
animation/transitions i've seen so far.

Amazing Art and animation. 97/100!!!


Much nice. Very matrix

Really wow. 91/100

Disconnected from the world

This website was a nostalgia trip
down Memory Lane! I loved it!

Old Gifs and 95-icons. 98/100!!!

Birds and stars

I don't feel like I can rate
this without bias because this is
my sister's website.

Can't rate... =(

Lily's Flower Garden!

Extrordinarily cute, MLP, and Comic sans

uhhhhhhh 60/100?

Comet's Corner

Very good art! but
I dont have much to say.

Best viewed with a budgie Out of Best viewed with a budgie

~*~ Kirby's Dream Site !*!

Very... Kirby...


Bulletpoint Networks

Cool consept, and good execution!

No button? UPDATE: Color me corrected!

The Jan 4 2020 list:

Lily's Flower Garden!
Comet's Corner
~*~ Kirby's Dream Site !*!
A.N. Lucas's Web Lounge
IroIro's Retro Emporium
Stomping Grounds
Club Nintendo Archives
「 Wired Sound 」

The Aug 25 2020 list:

Bulletpoint networks