Isometric drawing

Isometric drawing

‘Drawing is vision on paper.’

-Andrew Loomis


Isometric projection is a type of projection that makes things look "distorted" compared to Perspective.

You can download my template or make your own.

You can imagine the template as a sort of floor, in 3d space.


In your drawing program of choice, use the line tool and set the line thickness to 1.

Then you can draw over the template lines.

...Like So!


Keep in mind that every shape gets distorted in any projection, including Isometric.

You can use shapes to construct anything, like a person, a cup of coffee, or an omelette, for example.

Also keep in mind that complex shapes can be simplified into basic shapes.

The End

When I shade shapes, I usually should change the hue to be closer to blue, and decrease the saturation.

Here's a very good shading tutorial.