‘The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don't need any rules.’

-Gary Gygax

Dungeons & Dragons

Recently, I've gotten into
DnD and will dedicate this page
to DnD knowledge and what-not.

This will be a bunch of sections
mainly about The Player's Handbook and
The Monster Manual.

The Dice

There are a subset of RPGs called d20 games,
they are called d20 games after the 20-sided Dice they [mainly] use.

DnD is a d20 game, Due to DnD mainly using d20s,
but it can use the following:

  • d4s - 4 sided dice.
  • d6s - 6 sided dice.
  • d8s - 8 sided dice.
  • d10s - 10 sided dice.
  • d00s - 10 sided percentile1 dice.
  • d12s - 12 sided dice.
  • d20s - 20 sided dice.

My Player Character

My PC is designed to be as close
as possible to myself.